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My first photograph, taken around 1954 on the ferry between Norfolk, Virginia and Newport News, Virginia. My father, who was a professional photographer, directed my image taking. Since he's looking directly at me you can tell how tall I was at the time.


Photography is the basis for most of my art. My father gave me a Brownie Hawkeye at about my 5th birthday and there began my imaging journey. I used to bring my camera to school once a year to take a group photograph, having learned from my father how to position subjects and frame a good photograph. Film was a premium so I was only allowed a certain number of rolls a year. He gave me an extra roll when I was in the boy scouts so I could get the photography merit badge. I continued photographing through college when I realized what an art form this could be. From the age of 12 I was introduced to darkroom work (black and white only) while helping in the studio and later I set up three darkrooms in various places I lived. Ultimately, I switched to digital and never looked back. The immediacy of the feedback elevated the quality of my images tremendously. 

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