Ancient Puebloans, Anasazi and Navajo

Wally Grover
Second Mesa, AZ, Hopi Indian Reservation. Raw material for Kachina Dolls (Katsina) and other carvings. Wallet is an internationally renowned craftsman of Kachinas.
Kachina Dolls
Made by Wally Grover, Second Mesa, AZ. Hopi Indian Reservation. Hopi Pueblo.
Welcome to Zuni
Zuni Pueblo, NM
Church in Zuni
Zuni Pueblo, NM
Ruins of Mission Church
Built by Zuni people at the command of the Spanish and later destroyed by Zuni people. Through this field the Spanish came to conquer the Zuni.
Kenny Bowekaty
Zuni guide and anthropologist, Zuni Pueblo, NM
Down Yolanne, Corn Mountain
Zuni Holy Mountain, Zuni Pueblo, NM
Ovens in Acoma Pueblo
Acoma Pueblo, NM
Acoma Pueblo, NM
Acoma Pueblo, NM
Acoma Pueblo, NM
Mica Windows
Source of mistaken impression by the Spanish that Acoma Pueblo was a city of gold.
Aroma Pueblo, NM
Acoma Pueblo, a vender guide standing next to his home
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