Watercolor and Collage

Blue Reflections
Watercolor on paper. 24" x 48"
Arches Park
Watercolor on paper. 9" x 12"
Homage to Two Fauves and a Cube
Watercolor on paper. 18" x 24"
Autumn Colors
Watercolor on paper. 8.5" x 11"
Descending Up
Collage with watercolor, construction paper and tissue paper. 3" x 4", 2007
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Watercolor painting and collage just seem to go together. So much so that I took a workshop from Mary Lou and Robert Alberetti on this combination. Watercolor washes can be seen underneath or incorporated into a number of my encaustic paintings as well as collaged onto encaustic monotypes. 

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Arches Park

Watercolor on paper. 9" x 12"